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About Taiwan Honder Foods

Attentiveness • Carefulness • Sincereness • Safe and secure food
  • Pursue taste and dietary peace of mind and Safety, actively improve, strict Control to never use preservative and products With unknown place of production or unreliable Suppliers.
  • All raw materials used holds import Certificates, Specifications and DOH number, expiration date and other management.
  • Every Product follows GMP certification, established SOP standardized operational procedure, implemented education training, thorough implementation of HACCP monitoring.
  • The quality Control department Complies with the product QC engineering graph, checks each Control point, Carefully implement execution and record, and immediately follow up if there is any abnormality, report to be treated and improved, dediCated, Serious and Committed.

Food Safety Gatekeeper

Insist not to use any preservatives and borax
Taiwan Honder Foods Industrial Co.,Ltd.:HACCP
Taiwan Honder Foods Industrial Co.,Ltd.:ISO 22000

Taiwan Honder Foods Industrial Co., Ltd. has obtained the international HACCP and ISO22000 dual certification and is dedicated to enhance the noodle manufacturing technology in the country. A fully automated noodle manufacturing production and packaging process has been integrated. Packaged noodles with no preservatives added, safe, hygienic, high quality, exquisite packaging and convenient to consume are produced. It is one of the major manufacturers for fresh noodle products and fresh noodles in the country.