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No preservatives or borax added. Internationally certified for product safety and quality improvement.
Taiwan Honder Foods Industrial Co.,Ltd.:HACCP
Taiwan Honder Foods Industrial Co.,Ltd.:ISO22000

Taiwan Honder Co., Ltd.: International HACCP Taiwan Honder Co., Ltd.: ISO22000 Committed to the noodle making industry and became the professional fresh noodle manufacturer with over NTD100000000 in sales revenue, Taiwan Honder witnesses the development and evolution of Taiwan fresh noodle and is devoted to develop in sync with Japanese noodle.

Taiwan Honder is certified by domestic food GMP and international HACCP and ISO22000 certification. The company is committed to upgrading domestic noodle making technology by introducing fully automated noodle production and packaging process. No preservatives are added to the production. Safe, hygiene, excellent quality, and finely packaged noodle for convenient preparation, Taiwan Honder is one of the major manufacturers for domestic fresh noodle.

Taiwan Honder Foods Industrial Co.,Ltd.:Brand Origin
  • Adopting advanced noodle making technology and precision equipment from Japan, Taiwan Honder introduces fully-automated noodle production and packaging process. No preservatives are added to the production process, the company offers safe, hygiene, excellent quality, finely packaged, and packaged noodle for convenient preparation.
  • Taiwan Honder currently produces brand products and launches the frozen cooked noodles, pasteurized noodle, assembled products including power pack, sauce pack, fresh raw noodle, refrigerated raw noodle and a variety of items that offer consumers with different options. Moreover, the company accepts OEM and ODM services for customization according to the customer and market requirement, generating innovative development constantly products.
  • Taiwan Honder strives to provide customers with the best product supply, become the leader in domestic production of raw noodle and fresh noodle.
  • Taiwan Honder imposes strict control on source of raw materials, using raw materials and additives with import certification and the Ministry of Health and Welfare number, specification…etc. The quality inspectors check and never use unidentified or unreliable place of raw materials and suppliers.
  • After passing the first level of inspection, the materials are then sent to the Quality Control Office for inspection of bacterial, E.coli, Coliform, and pH value to thoroughly control the hygiene and safety for consumers.
  • With regards to hygiene management, the production personnel must undergo dust wash, hand, drying, disinfection, shoe soaking, and dust removal procedures upon entering Honder plant to maintain product freshness and hygiene.

Company Profile

  • 2012

    • October Introduced IQF Spiral Individual Quick Freezing Equipment

    • February Japanese consultant for convenience stores visited the factory

  • 2011

    January Memuro chō Wheat Council from Japan and China Daily News visited the factory.


    • December Singapore Jingwen Food Enterprise and Taipei Flour Labor Union visited the factory.

    • Supplied high quality raw noodle to the National Military Secondary Food Supply Station for the first time.


    Adopted ISO 22000 and HACCP international food and health safety management certification system.

  • 2008

    Expanded productivity and raised additional capital, naming to "Taiwan Honder Co., Ltd."


    OEM production for frozen noodle exporting to U.S. and Canada.


    Eventually receiving overseas customers for factory visits.

  • 2003

    • June Supplied noodle for the junior high school and elementary school lunch in Kaohsiung City

    • Applied for food GMP certification factory, thoroughly implemented good manufacturing practice to create new noodle culture; providing 4℃ noodle and hot soup products to convenience stores.


    Adopted HACCP and ISO9001 Quality Management System


    Invested in the building of Gangshan Benzhou Factory, manufacturing fresh noodle using the latest automation equipment.

  • 1988

    Established the R&D department to expand the production line, added product lines and renamed to "Honder Food Processing Factory."


    Visited Japan in person to observe the latest noodle-making theory.


    Started out as noodle maker in conventional market.