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  • What kingdof guarantee does your company offer for safety certification?
    The company has acquired ISO22000 and HACCP certification and are insured with product liability insurance each year.
  • Does your food come with traceability management?
    Raw materials used for food come with traceability management and comply with the relevant food safety regulations to conform to the food safety requirement. Suppliers of raw materials are also visited and audited to assure the conformity with health and quality management requirement.
  • What is the expiration date for your noodle?
    Taiwan Honder does not add any preservatives to our products. The shelf life for refrigerated raw noodle and noodle for business is 5 days.
    Sterilization depends on the different noodle, the expiration is between 1~5 months while the expiration for frozen noodle is 1 year.
  • What is the mode of delivery for products?
    Dedicated truck delivery for order over NT1,000 is available in Kaohsiung.For orders less than NT1,000 or delivery to other counties/cities, t-cat delivery service for collect on delivery will apply. Delivery by refrigerator trucks is available for Kaohsiung area.Home delivery fees are collected by t-Cat delivery charges.
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