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Food Safety

Taiwan Honder Foods:ISO22000
Taiwan Honder Foods:HACCP

Taiwan Honder: ISO22000 Taiwan Honder: International HACCP Taiwan Honder has been certified with the qualification standards of ISO22000, HACCP and healthy excellence autonomous management annually since 2009, which strengthens the company with food safety plans.

Prior to production procedures, the machinery equipment undergoes 1 hour of high-heat sterilization through circulating boiled water, followed by disinfection by 75% neutral alcohol to assure the excellent hygiene condition of machinery equipment before production.

Personnel Hygiene

Precise control of personnel and food hygiene and safety from the process of inbound raw materials to manufacturing, packaging and shipment, providing "safer" and "securer" noodle to consumers.

Taiwan Honder Foods Industrial Co.,Ltd.:Brand Origin
  • Full Protection

    Employees must dress up uniforms by the dress code before entering the factory. Put on the hat and mask. Personal items are prohibited in the factory.

  • Hygiene and Cleaning

    Clean with detergent in advance. Long nail, application of nail polisher and wearing ornaments are prohibited

  • Process Control

    Smoking, betel nut chewing, gum chewing, food and drinks are prohibited in work. The application of any skincare products, cosmetics or drugs are prohibited to avoid contaminating the noodle manufacturing process.

  • Personnel Health

    Employees shall receive at least one physical health examination each year.

Food Inspection